The Challenge

To build a website capable of closing sales without a sales rep.


The Plan

Step 1: Branding

We worked one on one with the company's owners and sales staff to reinvision their branding. By rebuilding their site from the ground up, we could help push this branding to their existing customers

Step 2: Data Analysis

Prior to working with Mako, the company received a small number of work requests through their website. We updated their existing contact form to match their new branding, but added the twist of database integration. By storing all job requests, we could quickly analyze the data to determine the quanity of each service being ordered through the website. We paired this with a social media and sales campaign to push more orders to the website, and then sat back and analyzed the results.

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Step 3: Deploy

After analyzing the data, we sat down with the sales staff to determine what services are the most profitable for the business. We compared their answers with the data we collected from their current work request form, and reinvisioned the way jobs were ordered through their website.

The "Form"

Mako determined the ordering system had to serve two purposes.
To educate clients on the available services, as well as guide them towards profitable services.

Educating Clients

To accomplish this, we combined six small forms into one large form. Regardless of what the client is ordering, they are presented with all six options. Hovering over an option gives a brief description of the project type. By doing this we ensure that all users are guaranteed to fully understand what they are ordering, as well as what they could be ordering. Small descriptors next to commonly misunderstood services help to explain things further.

Educating Clients

Customer Guidance

Customer Guidance

We not only wanted to make the ordering process easier for clients, but we also wanted to help guide them to both profitable and helpful services. After sitting down with the sales staff, we were able to build a hierarchy of services. Profitable services are listed at the top, and sometimes have descriptions convincing the clients that they are beneficial. In some instances we have commonly used services pre-selected.

The Results

Sales Growth

Online Order Growth

Orlando Legal saw an average conversion from their website traffic increase by over 25%. The final price of jobs ordered online went up by 35%, and services that are rarely sold by sales reps are now a regular order from the website.